Friday, December 28, 2012

BE YOURSELF...BE HAPPY By: Stephanie Almaguer

A Medium has nothing to do with Hollywood Glamour just as fame has nothing to do with success~
A GOOD Medium knows, accepts, and embraces their true self, loving who they are, as they are.   They never claim to have all the answers & if they do, you should surely question their integrity / honesty.
Stephanie's a down to earth, Texas girl (women) who loves life, experiencing ups and downs just like everyone else.  Her first priority is her children and she'll go to the moon and back for them.  She's a true humanitarian at heart, having compassion for all walks of life.  She considers it an honor to help anyone with her abilities when asked.   She does admit she's always wanted to work in Entertainment ~ But not within her Medium ability.

"Never dream of being famous for fame itself means nothing.  One can be famous yet never reach success (some of the most notorious serial killer are a good example of this!)  No, success comes from with in.  Strive to do what you love and find peace within.  This will lead to success...."If your passions lead to fame, then that's just a benefit of your success...but success isn't a benefit of fame." StephanieRead Stephanie's Biography to see who she "really" is and what this Texan is all about!

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