Born January 25, 1969 in Dallas, TX -  Stephanie Renee Farrell,  but raised Stephanie Renee Cagle  -  She'll be the first one to state “blood isn't always thicker than water”.   [Her Bio is long, but really worth your time & interesting to read]

Stephanie Cagle Almaguer believes it's through tragic experiences, most learn to heal, become stronger, and go forward.  For many, tragedy brings about awareness also. For some, that awareness is so profound, they desire more......For Stephanie, it was a drive she couldn't ignore.  The death of her ex-husband and all that followed, changed not only her life, but the way she thinks,  literally,  forever.  She didn't believe she was driven toward such an amazing, profound path of “awareness” in vein, but for a more meaningful purpose which she was determined to understand and find meaning  behind everything she was experiencing.  I myself have always been "skeptical" of the whole "psychic" ability and such, so when she contacted me to write her Biography, I had an enormous amount of hesitation.  I would consider myself to be an intelligent, creative person who's written and published two "best sellers" and I must now admit, through interviewing and simply being in Stephanie's presence and actually seeing her with my own eye's communicate a message to me through my own deceased family, I'm a firm believer she's genuinely gifted.  Her journey and how she first became aware of her natural ability as a Psychic/Medium ~to see, hear and communicate with Spirit~ is an amazing one that I'm honored to be able to share on her behalf. 

Stephanie ~ In the Beginning
Stephanie is the oldest of three children.    Her mother was married, gave birth to her first child, held a full-time job and divorced all before she'd reached her 17th birthday. Extremely strong willed and independent,  it took her mother receiving only one “slap” for her to pack her things (including Stephanie) and leave.    Being only about 2 years old,  Stephanie has no memory of her mom’s 2nd marriage- to the man who she calls, and is- her true Dad.   She became a big sister to a brother when she was three and then again to a baby sister before she was five.      Growing up, she doesn't recall ever “wanting” for anything, really.  They were a typical middle class family living in Midlothian, TX – a small town about 30 minutes south of Dallas.                                                                                                

 (1974) Stephanie's Mother holding her
 brother and Stephanie holding her sister

Being the most emotional, “expressive” child in the home, she had a flare for the dramatics….and still does today.   She’s always been different, perhaps the “black sheep” within the family.  She very “sensitive” to everything and everyone around her and always has been.     She'd always imagined the world was her stage and she was the star....The audience were “her friends” who she often “saw”, but no one believed her.  Always feeling  very free to express her emotions, often when she shouldn't….or at least in moderation! This rejection caused her to “turn away” from these unseen forces as she aged.

Rebel ‘with’ a Cause
Perhaps because she and her siblings were raised to be strong and independent, Stephanie was quiet the risk taker, pushing the envelope further than the other’s on most occasions.    Somewhere within her journey, early on, she developed a need to save or fix everyone’s problem which all too often leads her to take on issue’s that another wouldn't touch with a 10 foot pole! Determined to do “her own thing”, she and her mom butted heads more than usual.  If her Mom said right, Stephanie said left. She believes this was a part of her decision making process when marrying her first husband, soon after Graduation from High School.   The road she chose to travel wasn't only bumpy, but full of large pot holes.    She now realizes, every time she climbed out of one pot hole, she'd learned an important lesson, molding her into the person she is today.  She say’s she wouldn't change one thing about any of her experiences during that time, for it was through these hardships, Stephanie learned what it meant not only to really love….but also how to really hurt, then heal.  The most important lesson she says she received through this marriage was: What we want or desire the most is not what is always best for us and more importantly, as much as she wanted… hard as she tried….She couldn't “save” her husband from his addiction to alcohol.  Eight years into their marriage, in 1995 they had their first child, a Son (Trevor) before divorcing in 1996.   

Seek and Ye Shall Find
Stephanie has always felt like other’s surrounded her,  just never paid much attention until her ex-husband (Tony) passed away in 2004 -  two days before Thanksgiving.   Stephanie had received a phone call in the early afternoon from Tony’s new bride of less than a year stating the he’d been hospitalized and in critical condition, therefore, they wouldn't be able to come and pick-up Trevor for his routine Thanksgiving Holiday visit with Dad.   Trevor and I were both relieved when later than evening she’d called us back stating that he was doing remarkable better.  *Six months prior, Tony had told Stephanie that he hadn't been feeling well, and after much testing, the doctor’s informed him his Liver was severely damaged and in Cirrhosis.    The next morning went off as usual…  At 10:00 am Stephanie received a call at work from the school nurse stating that Trevor was doubled over with stomach pains and demanded to go home.   Explaining to the nurse the situation regarding his father and that he was probably just a bit anxious, she agreed to go ahead and go pick him up.   While on her way, she decided to call and get a progress report on his father so she could reassure her son that everything was OK.     When his wife answered the phone,  Stephanie felt in her voice something was wrong…..simply asking, “How’s Tony doing this morning?”    Her response was delayed and the words that eventually followed resulted in Stephanie having to pull off to the side of the road and vomit.  “Stephanie, I’m sorry….Tony had some complications occur, which caused the varicose veins within the stomach lining to rupture and bleed out internally….He passed away about 10 – 15 minutes ago.”    In that very moment, Stephanie realized her son “knew” and “felt” his father’s pain and passing.    Stephanie believes that most of us, from childhood on, have been taught what the good book says; In short, the good, righteous people go to Heaven and the liars, evil doers go to Hell for eternity.   She'd always wondered about that, for only "God" knows, she was by no means an Angel.  But, had she been bad enough to go to Hell?   Stephanie says, "Tony's death was very emotional for me and caused me extreme guilt and pain…Because we were divorced didn't mean that I wasn't deeply impacted and hurt. I began questioning where he "went".  This only added to my sadness and quest for answers.      Now, despite how he lived his life and the way he died, he believed whole -heartedly in God and that one day his misery would end and he would finally be at peace.  But if we go according to the Bible, would he fit the criteria to go to Heaven?  He always used to tell me, "You just have to have faith!"  And I now had a mission to seek out all these answers and understand as much as I could about this subject.

The Message from Beyond
Stephanie remarried in 1998 and now has 2 daughter’s- Alyssa 12 and Baylee 11.   
[On a side note, She states old habit's are hard to 
break....As in, "finding her self in co-dependent, 
unhealthy relationships". ]  

Aside from Stephanie’s new found ability as a Medium, her chosen career path took a turn into Law Enforcement;  Her most recent employment being an Officer for the ISD.   Her son, Trevor, turned 17 in August 2012.  Time flies.    Immediately following Tony's passing in 2004, weird and unexplained things began happening in Stephanie's home such as TV's coming on and off or changing stations in the midst of a program, things being moved, thinking she'd just misplaced it.....Finally, she started paying attention.
And then it happened~ About a month after Tony passed away, she dream't that she and her (now) husband were in the bedroom of their home.  Since it was during the Christmas Season, her best guess is that they were having people over for a get together because while she and her husband were in their bedroom dressing, she could hear guest arriving.  Tony had a loud, unforgettable laugh.  She says that in the dream she told her husband, "I hear people coming into the front door, we'd better hurry and join our guest."  It was then, she heard the front door open again and another guest had entered, which is when she heard Tony laugh.  She say's she remembers, literally feeling panicked, looking over to her husband saying, "Oh my God, that was Tony laughing - He is here."  Her husband told her to not be ridiculous, that she knew Tony had died and it must just be someone who sounded like him.  But she KNEW.  She had been married to him for almost 10 years and if there was one thing no one will ever forget, it was the way he laughed.  It was at that point, she states she could remember feeling very afraid to look out of her bedroom door and around the corner into the living room, and when she finally crept her way over and peeked around the corner ~ everything changed.  She says all the noise, people, and her entire surroundings became null and void and Tony was right up in her close that she could actually feel his breath.  She asked him, "What's going on?"  And the only thing he said to her was, "Remember what I have always told you....You have to have faith".  She woke immediately and began crying.  It was then, she knew without a doubt in her soul~ Tony was around, he saw and heard her suffering, and not only that, she spoke to him and he spoke back.  This single event set things into motion for her. 

Realizing her Gifted Purpose
This lead her mind to other possibilities thinking, if she spoke to someone while in a dream state, who’d died, then perhaps it is possible, as the so called “mediums” claim, and consciously speak to the spirits of those who were physically dead, but while she was awake.   Not even a week later, her husband’s only two grown brothers became missing; Just disappeared.     
It was through both of these- back to back- extremely painful events, she says her mind’s eye opened, paving the way to a new chapter in life full of not only spiritual awareness in herself, but her entire surroundings’.  She realized at this point, she’d finally found not only an amazing ability within herself, but the true direction (purpose) she felt compelled to take her "new found" awareness towards- "Attempting to help locate or simply provide a missing puzzle piece…..”a clue”, perhaps, for those who've gone missing."   She adds, it isn't her intent to actually "find" the missing, but perhaps lend her abilities as a "tool" when a case seem's to be going cold.    Her hopes are that she is "given just enough insight"  which she can reveal which will hopefully mean something to someone.....A missing puzzle piece....A clue.....anything that can help Law Enforcement either validate their suspicions, or look in a new direction all together.  If she happens to see an "area"  correctly which leads to the recovery of a missing person, then that makes what she's doing even better.

Everything has a Price
It’s important to understand….When Stephanie begins something new, especially a passion or journey – her determination to see it through successfully is like no other.   She would be lying if she said that this in itself hasn't caused her more problems at times than success….But she continues on.   Obviously this new journey has seriously been questioned by many, including her own family.    She's  heard a lot of, “So, now, you’re ‘all the sudden’ psychic?”    Well, she wasn't sure?   She’d proven to herself and other’s that she was in fact communicating with “someone – somewhere” – Otherwise, how’d she know the answers to some very private - and in some cases, unknown things, especially involving missing person cases, which she began posting about on the new “Blog” she’d began?    But psychic?  She’d always imagined a psychic being a fortune teller or prophesying.   She admits that predicting the future isn't her best gift, although she did, unfortunately, predict not only the day, but the time of her grandmother’s passing - months before she passed away.    She say's she has gotten a few other things correct also, but still believes it’s not her best ability.   She believes most people call any type of phenomena ability,  ”Psychic” – As it’s all just the same thing.  She say's that when most people think about the term psychic, they don't truly understand how the ability may work and assume one who's considered psychic should just immediately know everything.   If only….

Medical issue's eventually led to Stephanie becoming unemployed.   She didn't worry a lot about it, figuring she would be able to find another job as soon as she recovered.   She say's she would have never imagined 2 years later she would still be unemployed, despite her efforts......One of the major reason she began offering personal readings for a fee on her blog....She can definitely testify, it goes without saying, Psychic's, Medium’s, or whatever you believe it to be,  can't see their own future/outcomes!!  How would they learn if they could?   She follows with - You'll never see, "Psychic wins lottery!"     While searching for employment, She’s been able to spend more time on her Blog and missing person cases.  As previously said, she'd really never used her ability on a personal level, for a fee to stranger's -Until- one particular case she'd posted about brought her name, "readings", and ENTIRE LIFE into the spot light, earning her the title, "The Baby Lisa Psychic".   She admits she learned a hard lesson during that time about hate and criticism and what NOT to do, after she did it!  DON'T RESPOND to hateful remarks or comments~ claiming it feeds the fire for more hate!! 

Medium Extraordinaire
Having explored her gift as a Medium for over 7 years now, she say's she's constantly learning something new.   She states that many other mediums believe that they receive insight through channeling their “spirit guide”.    Stephanie believes each of us do have such a guide or guardian, but has yet to fully realize who hers is.   When channeling spirit for a reading, she say's she always pray's to God for spiritual guidance and insight to help her receive the answers being sought.  She also developed an interest in reading the Tarot and has found the cards have been a very useful tool for  “readings” of all kinds, including medium readings, if needed.      When asked the question which is her greatest strength within her abilities, her answer is always the same…."My ability to empathize".     She says that one could never even begin to explore this realm, much less use it to help anyone else without the ability of empathy.   She says she used to think that everyone had this ability within them, which she now knows they don’t stating that her current husband lives the majority of his life without much thought or feeling, so it seemed.   Straight forward - Very seldom does he show any regret when he’s hurtful and even more so- she say's he usually doesn't even realize he’s being hurtful.      Clueless.    NO EMPATHY within him.    She doesn't believe that empathy is a learned behavior, but rather one that must be instilled in us from birth stating it doesn’t mean that a person without empathy is bad, it’s just perhaps the life they've led….She's not sure.   After her explosive debut from the Baby Lisa Irwin case, Suddenly, she was bombarded with up to 200 or more emails a day with FREE reading request of all kind.  She did as many as humanly possible, but the time and effort each one were taking, left her unable to search for a paying job....This reinforced her reasoning in charging for "personal" readings.  She honestly admits that at first, almost all the request  came to a screeching halt realizing perhaps the two words, “money” and “psychic” didn't do well when combined.  Eventually however, her precise accuracy on her readings along with the remarkable testimonies and recommendations she receives everyday, has cleared away much of the doubt which surrounds one in this profession.   She believes she's still a “newbie” with much to give and tons to learn – But those who receive reading's from her would call her the best Psychic / Medium they've ever encountered.  And to clarify, for me, a Medium is one who is able to connect with “Spirit’s” and receive insight from these spirit’s, such as messages, and so forth through mental thought, feelings, vision and sound.

Stephanie’s Future as a Medium; 2012 and Beyond
Stephanie is often asked where all of this has led her, positively?    Consistently she states she's not sure  but  knows she's no where near the finish line.  What she does know is that the place she's in this very moment is a wiser, more spiritual place with a grateful attitude and outlook in life and the afterlife than the person  she was just  a year ago, much less 7 years ago.   Everyone who meets Stephanie, whether personally or professionally, all claim she's genuinely honest and open and can relate to anyone on their level.  She's sincere in her gift & the purpose in which she uses it.  Many have said she's one of the most determined, tough as nails, hard working women they've ever met with the desire to succeed like no other.  She does what she says and says what she means, although she admits she struggles in trying to balance her drive to help everyone.  One person recently described her as "built Ford tough".   I guess the ole' saying is true, “Everything in Texas is bigger and better”!  

Yes, Stephanie does say she's lost much very dear to her, but gained more than she thought possible and they go hand and hand.     Where will she be tomorrow?  She doesn't know, but say's if she's still alive she will be thankful.   She believes each of us should  "Dream as if you'll live forever. Live as if you'll die today."   
Her goal as a Medium  is to put her abilities to good use, the best way she knows how & help those who ask.   She also enjoys teaching other's about her abilities and how they too can realize their own abilities within, stating that her children are talented in this “area” also, each having a particular ability they excel in, including being able to see "spirit's", saying,   "They’re truly all around us…..You just have to see them".    Additionally, Stephanie adds that she's not sure if her home has always had such a large amount of Paranormal Activity -or- if it just seems as if it does because her family are so "in-tune" with the Supernatural....As seen in the below video.

Stephanie takes what she does as a Medium very seriously and admits it can be a stressful experience at times, but the rewards out-weigh the stress when she helps someone in need.  However, she says she's the opposite of a hermit & easily get's cabin fever.   Therefore, in addition to her private reading sessions, she does take time to use her abilities in fun ways, with her family and friends and looks forward to one day, branching out on tour, participating in events, private parties, and Headline Entertainment for Cruise Liner’s and even willing to take on Las Vegas!   {She "giggled" when talking about the Vegas possibility stating the first thing she would really want to do if she indeed performed in Vegas, was to meet Criss Angel} She revealed to me that one of the most fun event's she hosted was a private birthday party for a Celebrity, where she met many very interesting people (obviously!) But gained quiet a few new clients in the process, becoming Hollywoods newest and hottest "Psychic to the Stars", so to speak.   She would deny such a claim, but I know...I hear things and it's all good.   She does believe that she's open to many different opportunities, including television / film / performing away-outside of the "Medium" field.   Regardless of how she proceeds, there are many, many opportunities available and she’s ready for the taking.  On a side note, she said that if her Medium ability never produces the results she's seeking, if it does good in helping her children reach and obtain their goals in the Entertainment industry, then it in fact did serve a purpose.  She believes you should dream big and persevere until those dreams become reality.

In Closing….
Being a writer, I know a Biography should be much shorter than what I've written, but found that when trying to truly describe Stephanie, one page would never do her justice.    During my time spent with Stephanie I explored all venue's of her blog & one thing caught my attention immediately....Her pricing~ I asked her why in the world her prices were so low in comparison to other "famous" and not even famous psychic's- Her response, well, it just furthered my belief in the true manner and reason behind why she does what she does....."It's not about the money or what I charge which makes me a good Psychic / Medium, it's the quality I give to those who I read for and the referrals they send my way.  I think it's important for anyone to be able to have a "reading" if they desire one.   So, it is with this in mind that I try to stay within a pricing structure that is affordable and fair."   Amazing..... In three words Stephanie can sum up one thing she truly believes & has learned thus far about life ~
"A man who won't die for something is not fit to live.  Everyone has something they're passionate about ~ And when her time comes, she will have no fear.  She will stand before our Maker with her head held high - KNOWING that He knows, she's not perfect and was never meant to be.... But confident that she lived a honest life full of passion & meaning, regardless of what the world thinks or believes in her - because it's not their judgment that matters - Yes, when she's gone, she will be positive that she lived a life of purpose.  Not for your purpose, but a purpose for her - Whether she fulfills that purpose in full, is up to only one Being and herself ~ Believing- We would accomplish many more things if we did not think of them as impossible!"

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